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Press kit (Media kit)75

Here are some ideas about what to include in your press kit. Of course, this is a comprehensive list and intended only to provide ideas for what is needed for your target audience. Do not include all of them in your press kit.

1. Letter of introduction: Sometimes referred to as the pitch letter, this first impression item is where you will grab or lose the reader's interest. Tell them upfront why they should care about what you're telling them. Provide a table of contents or a brief description of the items enclosed in the actual press kit. Let them know you are available for follow-up interviews and questions. Also make sure to include your contact information in this letter.

2. Information on the company: This includes your company's history, a company profile, and profiles of the chief officers, senior management and ownership. Include bio sheets, if appropriate.

3. Product and service information, including a product, service or performance review: This will let editors see what others are saying about you or help the editor write his own review. This should also be supported with product or service fact sheets, sell sheets or company brochures that are specific to your product or service.

4. Recent press publications and articles: Copies of recent press coverage is very appropriate for a press kit. After all, what other media have done will be of interest to current media targets. This can include article reprints and printouts of online press that a company might have received.

5. Press releases: Many times, these are what instigated and caused the printing of the articles described above.

6. Audio and video files of radio or TV interviews, speeches, performances and any other media-covered event: Hard copies will suffice if the actual media is not available. Today, some companies are now putting online audio clips on their Web pages and in online media kits.

7. A sample news story: This is your chance to guide the media or your reader. Some editors will even print it verbatim, as they view ready-to-print articles as an easy way to fill up space with little effort on their part. They do, of course, usually edit these stories, so be prepared.

8. Since many media kits are put together for investors, any news related to the industry, financial statements or any other investor-related news is very appropriate for the press kit.

9. List of frequently asked questions: This helps the editor determine what questions to ask you in an interview or what to include in the article.

10. Other items to include:

  • Nonprofit and community-service involvement

  • Recent awards

  • Photos (if appropriate)

  • Factual background material and/or white papers

  • Specific information and schedules of upcoming promotions and events

  • Significant statistics specific to your industry, demographics and target audiences

  • Feature article material, such as articles written by company officers or senior management

  • Missions, goals and objectives

  • Samples or examples

  • Camera-ready logo art

  • Giveaway information

  • An order form

  • Biography76

    Organization’s Header

    (Name of your organization’s Executive Director, Board Chair or President)

    Executive Director, Board Chair or President

    (Name of your organization)

    (executive director, board chair or president’s name) was appointed (executive director, board chair or president) of (your organization’s name) in (month, year). He/she is responsible for (give a brief overview of his/her duties).

    Prior to joining (your organization’s name), Mr./Ms. (surname) served as (fill in title) for (name of organization or company) from (month, year) to (month, year).

    (Note: You might also list the previous two or three positions held)

    Next, list any volunteer or community service involvement other than working for charitable non-profit organizations if applicable, or any other special noteworthy statement or achievements about him/her:

    Mr./Ms. (name) serves as (title) for the (name of organization), as well as (continue to list community/volunteer involvement as appropriate).

    A graduate of the (name of university or college) with a degree or diploma in (type of degree or diploma). Mr./Ms. (name) resides in (location). Note: if you wish, include who he/her resides with: i.e. a wife/husband (name), a son (name) and a daughter (name).

    - 30 –

    For more information, contact:

    (Name, Title)

    (Phone Number)

    1. Media Alert77


      Month Day, Year

      Contact: Name

      Organization, Phone number

      E-mail address


      A media alert is a “who, what, where, when, why, how” outline of a newsworthy event or announcement. It is appropriate in the following circumstances:

      • The news it outlines is extremely timely and you need to get the information to the news media as quickly as possible.

      • You are sending the alert as a reminder of a previous, very important news release.

      • The information is for a calendar listing or event.

      A media alert generally is faxed or e-mailed to newsrooms/or community calendar editors. Media advisories are short and to the point—not more than one page. A media alert begins with the most important information (often the “what”) and then moves to the second-most important area (often the “who”) and so on.

      After the heading, arrange the information something like this:


      Describe what it is that’s going on.


      Talk about your organization and its role. Or, list the people who will be attending or are invited to an event or participating in an activity.


      Provide the date and time.


      Include very specific location information, including street address and directions if necessary.


      Give the relevance here. Why is this important in your community or to your organization?


      If applicable, provide information on how people can register, get involved, donate, etc.


      The last paragraph of every release and alert should be a “boilerplate” about your program/library. A “boilerplate” is a basic brief statement that describes your program/library and acknowledges its supporters.


    2. Pitch letter78

    1. Keep it short.

    • You’re establishing contact & (hopefully) generating interest.

      • The follow-up is when you pull out all the stops: media kits, work samples, your first born.

    • Keep it around 5-6 paragraphs. The shorter the better.

    2. So what’s in those paragraphs?

    • Introduce yourself and your blog.

      • Remind the company how you know them or let them know why you’re seeking them out (see below for: Personalize, personalize, personalize.)

    • Explain yourself: tell them what you’re offering.

      • Giveaway, review?

    • Give a little background on your blog (what is it about?) and your reach (Twitter, FB, Klout, etc.).

      • You don’t have to be clinical here. Just give an overview. Save the nitty-gritty for after they’ve expressed interest in talking to you.

    • Provide a quote from a past partnership, if applicable.

    • Next steps:

      • Tell them what the next action step is if they’re interested.

      • Your contact information – tell them how/when to reach you.

      • Offer to provide more information or tell them where to find it (your media kit or work samples).

    • Say Thank you for reading.

    3. Personalize, personalize, personalize.

    • Make sure that they know that you know who you’re pitching. If you’ve met or talked before, be sure to reference it. If you know you share a common interest, work it in. Live in the same town? Mention it. Go to the same college? Mention it.

    • Take the time to do some research and figure out how to connect.

    • Make that connection in the first paragraph. Examples:

      • I enjoyed talking with you at X Conference and it was especially nice to meet a fellow University of Awesome graduate.

      • Your product caught my eye because it is manufactured in my hometown of Anytown. I have not been back for a visit in a while, but I used to love (eating, visiting, getting coffee…) at The Diner on State Street.

    4. Selling it.

    • Don’t belabor the point, but definitely be specific when you tell a company what you’re going to do for them.

      • If they offer you a product for review and/or give away, will they actually make any sales from it? Why?

      • How are you going to promote this? (This is also where you launch into your readership numbers, etc.)

    5. Proofread.

    • And then do it again. Typos and bad grammar are unacceptable.

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