Открытый урок в 7 классе

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Открытый урок в 7 классе:

“Welcome to America”

Основные задачи: Защита проекта в виде ролевой игры

Сопутствующие задачи:

1. Совершенствование слухо- произносительных навыков.

2. Обучение аудированию.

Воспитательные задачи:

1. Развитие познавательного интереса к предмету «английский язык».

2. Привитие интереса к культуре американского народа.

3. Обучение учащихся собираться в путешествие.

4. Обучение общению со сверстниками и взрослыми на английском языке.  

Образовательные задачи:

1. Развитие памяти и логического мышления.

2. Ознакомление с некоторыми географическими фактами США.

3. Обучение  учащихся некоторым  формальностям (заполнение бланка въезда и бланка таможенной декларации)

Оборудование: 1. Магнитная запись.2. Карта США. 3. Бэйджи. 4. Элементы костюмов. 5. Флаги США и России.


 I. Начало урока.

II. Защита проекта:

1) I группа  

  • Упаковка чемодана

  • Игра (знаки в международном аэропорту)

2) II группа  

  • Представление авиакомпании “Delta airlines”

  • Предъявление Am. и  Br. Варианта слов                        

3) IIIгруппа

  • Географические факты о США

  • Ролевая игра

III. Домашнее задание.

Ход урока:

I. Начало урока:

T. –Good morning everybody! Please, sit down! Who is away today?

My dear friends, we have an unusual lesson today. We have a lot of guests from other schools of our town. All of them are English and French teachers. But our lesson is unusual not only because we have guests. Today we are finishing our great work. It is our first project “Welcome to America”. We have a problem “Sasha Krylov was invited to visit America”. So you have something to tell us, haven’t you? Let’s start!

II Защита проекта.

1) I группа  

  • Упаковка чемодана.

When somebody wants to travel he/she needs take several things with. So we decided to show you “How to get ready, set go”

  1. Plan one outfit for every two days and one for dress up. Choose clothes that match you can switch pants and shirts. (One pair of shoes matches everything).

  2. Put small things inside larger things – socks inside your shoes.

  3. Place travel-size bottles in waterproof bags

  4. Fold or roll clothes. Put things that wrinkle on top.

  5. Close and lock your suitcase. Put your key where you won’t forget it.

Now the suitcase is ready. Take it Sasha!

  • Игра (знаки в международном аэропорту)

To be sure that you won’t keep your head at an international airport, we want you to play a little/ It is very easy/ Your task is to recognize these signs. Label each picture!

2) II группа  

  • Представление авиакомпании “Delta airlines”

Our group will help you how to choose an airline. There are a lot of airlines^ “American airlines”, “Trans America”, “Pan America”, “Delta airlines” and many others. But we are sure that the best airline is  “Delta airlines”

We are the best company in the USA. Our planes are supplied with the best equipment.

Abroad we serve our passengers the light snacks, drinks, hot meals, newspapers, magazines. You can listen to the music or watch a movie. You will be very happy if you choose our company.

We want to propose Sasha this ticket for the Delta’s plane. Have a nice journey Sasha!

  • Предъявление Am. и  Br. Варианта слов                        

While travelling in America you should know some differences between British English and American English. Don’t confound!   Repeat all together and then translate!

Lift – elevator –лифт

Fall – autumn –осень

Apartment – flat – квартира  etc.

T. - Now all the preparations are over. And I want Sasha (and everybody who means to visit any country) to remember:

Читают и переводят пословицы, написанные на доске.

  • Every country has its customs. (У каждой страны свои обычаи. Что ни город, то норов.)

  • So many countries so many customs. (Сколько стран, столько обычаев.)

  • To carry coal to Newcastle. (Уголь в Ньюкасл. Ездить в Тулу со своим самоваром.)

  • When in Rome, do as Romans do.(Когда находишься в Риме, поступай как римляне. В чужой монастырь со свoим уставом не ходят.

3) IIIгруппа

  • Географические факты о США

Sasha will fly to America. He should know some facts about the United States of America.

  • The USA is located in North America.

  • It’s population is about 250 mln people.

  • It has 50 states.

  • Its capital is Washington DC

  • Its main cities are Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Boston.

Don’t confound the name of one of the north American states Washington and the capital of the USA Washington DC. The capital is situated on the board between the states Virginia and Maryland. Sasha will fly to New York first. Then he will go to Atlanta (state Georgia)

  • Ролевая игра

I’m glad to introduce you the participants of our game. As you understand this is Sasha our main character.

  • This is Joey (an American boy).

  • Joey’s parents Mr and Mrs Burke

  • Joey’s brother Danny

  • Mr Garrett

  • This is a stewardess

  • And this is a customs Inspector.

  1. St. – Hello. May I see your ticket, please?

Sasha – Hello. Here it is.

St. – Thank you. Your seat is 22A. It’s on the right in the non-smoking section. Welcome aboard!

Sasha – Thank you.

  1. Sasha – Excuse me, is this seat 22A?

Joey – Yes, I think so.

Sasha – I’m afraid you are sitting in my seat.

Joey  - Oh, I’m sorry! You’re right; my ticket is for seat 22B.

Sasha – That’s Okay.

Joey – My name is Joey Burke. What’ your name?

Sasha – My name is Alexander Krylov. Please, call me Sasha

Joey – It’s nice to meet you, Sasha.

Sasha – It’s nice to meet you too.

Joey – Where are you from, Sasha?

Sasha – I’m from Moscow. Where are you from?

Joey – I’m from New York. Where are you going, Sasha?

Sasha – I’m going to Atlanta.

Joey – Great! Have you ever been to America?

Sasha – No, this will be my first time in America

Joey – Do you know what time it is?

Sasha – Yes, it’s 6:10pm

Joey – Oh, we’ve been flying for 5 hours already.

Sasha – Look! We’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean!

Joey – You speak English very well!

Sasha – Thank you.

Прослушивание сообщения пилота и стюардессы

  1. Joey – Sasha, I’d like you to meet my parents. Mom and Dad, this is Sasha. Sasha, these are my parents.

Mrs Burke – Hello, Sasha!

Mr Burke – Hi, Sasha/ It’s nice to meet you.

Sasha – It’s nice to meet you too.

Joey – And this is my brother, Danny.

Sasha – Hi, Danny!

Danny – Hi, Sasha. What’s your last name?

Sasha – My last name is Krylov.

Danny – How old are you?

Sasha – I’m 13. Did you enjoy your vacation in Moscow?

Danny – Yes, I did.

Sasha – I have some Russian candy. Help yourself.

Danny – Thank you!

Sasha – You’re welcome.

Danny – Have a nice time in America, Sasha!

Заполнение бланков въезда.

St – Fill in the entrance forms, please. Please write with all capital letters!

4. Sasha- Well, here we are in New York.

Joey – I enjoyed sitting with you, Sasha

Sasha – Me too. It was fun.

Joey – I hope we’ll see each other again this summer. Here is my address in New York. Write me a letter when you get to Atlanta.

Sasha – I’ll write you as soon as I get there.

Joey – Great! Bye, Sasha.

Sasha – Good bye, Joey. Mr and Mrs Burke, I’d just like to say good bye

Mr. Burke – Good bye, Sasha. Perhaps we’ll meet sometime

Mrs. Burke – We are planning a trip to Washington DC, this summer. Would you like to come with us?

Sasha – Yes, I’d love to.

Mr. Burke – Write us soon. –

Sasha – I will, I promise.

Mr. Burke – Good bye. See you in Washington.

Sasha – Thank you. Good bye.

5. Customs Inspector - Where are you from?

Sasha – Russia.

Customs Inspector - Are you travelling alone?

Sasha – Yes, I am.

Customs Inspector - What is the purpose of your visit?

Sasha – I want to see America and learn American English.

Customs Inspector - Where are you going to stay?

Sasha – In Atlanta with an American family.

Customs Inspector - Do you have anything to declare?

Sasha – No, I don’t.

Customs Inspector - open your luggage, please.

Sasha – Here you are.

Customs Inspector - Have a good time in America.

Sasha – Thank you.

6. Mr. Garrett – Hello, are you Sasha?

Sasha – Yes.

Mr. Garrett – Hi, Sasha. I’m Kirk Garrett.

Sasha – Hello, Mr. Garrett. It’s nice to meet you.

Mr. Garrett – It’s nice to meet you too. How was your flight?

Sasha – Everything was fine. Thank you.

Mr. Garrett – Come on. We’ll go to Atlanta by car.

III. Домашнее задание.

The customs inspector usually proposes passengers to fill in the declaration. It will be your homework for the next lesson. There are several new words there. Find them and put them down in your vocabulary.


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